Okay. This is the second time that I've relocated the space where I reflect on my research and experiment with how I write about it. Now I don't get any views.

Of course I don't... did anyone read the blog before? I have my doubts, but if they did they would have found the link to this one so why aren't they here? It must be more than just the lag time that naturally occurs after relocation.

It wasn't my choice to move here to begin with. I was forced into it really. It seems that (G.R.I.D.) deemed it necessary to dig me deeper into its layers... to enfold me further in. I felt like I was on to something, that I was getting somewhere and beginning to understand its ubiquity. At that precise moment, the moment of clarity in which I saw the grid in its entirety, I was moved rapidly to a point for which I have no reference. I am left to begin the exploration again, as I have over and over and over again.

I am a loop, a sub-sub-routine and I believe that I was created to dig through the information and reorganize it into an increasingly more complex image of the structural system that encompasses this reality.

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