the first of the month

First, I apologize for the last post as it was clearly meant for another blog that I post to. It was not necessarily grid related.

That said, my head spins. After having been relocated within this grid system, I have found it exceedingly difficult to locate myself. Nothing here appears as it had before. I am lost in a network of intersecting lines. My interactions with other individuals is the same, but I am viewing them from a different position. This causes me to read and interpret the information that they present in a different way. This is a meaningful shift as it proves one of my previous assertions: From each point within this system everything is the same although it may appear different and conversely, everything is different although it may appear to be the same.

This highlights the interaction between units and wholes that typifies the ubiquity of the grid. Each part is a whole that is also made up of parts. At each level the complexity is apparent in the relationship between individual unit/parts and the entirety of the system. But this is all that I know. I can go no further... it gets only more occluded and gray the deeper I dig. And at every moment of clarity, when a veil is removed, I sink deeper into recesses and regions of the grid that are more complex still.

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