testing writeroom

This is freaking me out right now. Yes I am a nerd. Tis' now proven. I am typing this communique in an application that simulates the way I learned to use the computer when I was a much younger man... probably before I was a man.
If you could see what I write as I write you would understand. A simple analogy would require multiple references one of which includes watching Doogie Howser, MD. BTW... I used to think that Vinnie grew up to be the dude in NUMB3RS, but I was wrong... he was in a few episodes of the Sopranos which doesn't have math as crime solving the way I like.... but I digress.
My only advice at this point is that if you do the whole MAC thing the way that I do you should definitely check out the WriteRoom application. I may even purchase it!!! and that's saying alot.

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