Notes From Grid

An interesting thing happens when you open a pdf in a writing environment that carries no bells and whistles. You end up with a screen full of code and pieces of text scattered here and there amongst the document which has now been made unrecognizable. When I do this, it prompts me to ask questions about the nature of the texts that I have become so used to reading.
It goes without saying that there are mountains of information and words written in relation to how we interact with electronic texts. I have not even gotten through foothills on my way to this mountain. However, it doesn't take much to realize that we can't think of words as anything less than text and text as nothing less than individual units of information strung together in a certain order. This is way of thinking is not new.
Image, whether in electronic or more physical form is also made of units of information organized into a specific order. It would seem then, that image and text could be exactly the same thing. When reduced to their digital representations, they do not appear that dissimilar. An image IS a text and a text creates an image. In a gridform, there should be no distinction between these two functions of information. Both are communications that are carefully organized and constructed.

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