no motion

I was scheduled to be tranferred from this section of the gridform. The reason for the movement was so that I could explain and discuss the information I have compiled about the gridform and grid nature. I would have entered a sector of the grid that I had never seen before and been in the company of individuals who may or may not have information that would be valuable to my research.

But as things developed, I was resigned to this outpost for an indefinite amount of time. I can not move and I can barely write this communiques. This section of the gridform is so slow that its movements are almost imperceptible. I have set up a number small experiments by which I can judge the small incremental developments of this area within the gridform.

I feel that I have been set back, again, with no clear understanding of why. At this particular moment I should be travelling at amazing speeds into regions unknown to me. Instead, I sit and wait and think.

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