Drew a new font today using YourFonts. They are an online font development site... which makes it really easy for what I want to do. I've toyed around with other font development applications but haven't been too happy with what I've done yet. This site gives you a template and you just draw in the glyphs, then scan, upload, and dl the font.

Probably saved myself about 4 hours of work doing it this way and I'm pretty happy with how it looks. The text is pulled from the first article on NYT after I dl'ed the font. Maybe some more samples coming soon!


TorkianMan said...

This is awesome. Love how you utilized digital text as a drawing tool!

naqui des cendres said...

i appreciate the paragraph shape so much more knowing that it's an article from nyt. also, i'd be curious just to see what each letter looks like individually, perhaps to dissect what element you associate to each letter, if there are conditions, etc. oh, typography, be still my heart.