Sunday News

Just a quick update, then we'll start with more drawings on Monday again. Tonight was the second Upgrade! Milwaukee and the presentations were great. Nadav Assor showed some things close to my heart: digital camouflage, and layered video. His work looks really interesting because of the performative nature of the way in which the works become realized. Maria Bolivar also presented but I'm at a loss for a link right now. I was in school with her for a bit and her presentation was about her MA installation that brought issues surrounding her involvement and remembrances of the National Strike in her native Venezuela. This work was really interesting when I saw it last Spring.

In other news: just got notice I'll be included in the festival Pixilerations [v.6] in Providence, Rhode Island this coming Fall. I'm excited about this one because the general topic has to do with the current economic climate. My recent work, "gridworks2000-anim09" will be screened (also recently screened at Terminal in TN, Crosstalk in Budapest and soon to be in FILE in Sao Paulo). This work was created as a way to remember and recreate a series of work that I created while working in information visualization at Master-List2000. Although I am not at liberty to disclose the nature of my involvement with that organization, I can say that I was "laid-off" some time ago. Part of our severance agreement was that I destroy all copies of work created for them and allow them to own the only true copies but still retaining the rights to reproduce anything that I cared to from memory only. As a side note, (and still within my rights to disclose) I was never made entirely aware of the nature of the information that I analyzed for them. Anyway, I'm glad to see that the video is going to be seen more. And, since I'll pick back up the drawings tomorrow morning, its worth mentioning that the drawings posted here are a part of the same body of work described above. gridworks2000 is a subcategory of the Gridworks Collection Project Archive and takes on a few different forms most of which are first posted and made visible here.

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