You may have recognized that (if you still read/view/use this space) that seem to have found a pattern. I'll continue this as long as necessary. The pattern looks something like this:

1 ascii drawing (theme) (Monday)
4 remix, modification drawings (variation) (Tuesday-Friday)
1 digital collage from previous 4 drawings (Friday)
1 animated gif from previous 4 drawings (Friday)

and as of today, I'll be adding the final step in the weekly gridworks2000 cycles:

1 webpage from the week (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

This brings the weekly total to about 8 elements to fit within the gridworks2000 sub-category of my output. I just made some pages to catch up for lost time, so here is the first installment of this new step (there are three basic ones now):

Each page is clickable, to move to the next.
Enjoy, and have a good weekend!!!!!

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