Samples from Kate Brandt Pink

This week all posts will come from the work I made for the exhibition Kate Brandt Pink at the Union Art Gallery in Milwaukee. One reviewer in Milwaukee referred to my work as computer generated. That assumption is easy to understand, but isn't at all entirely true. As this blog demonstrates, the drawings I create using ASCII are each created individually and I layout each character as if I were making marks on paper - drawing. From there they become a lot of different things, but they aren't really "computer generated". Additionally, the work explores the concept of the technological post-human - although this isn't a straightforward investigation of gender politics, it could be said that it is about bringing up these issues in ield that is supposed to be entirely objective: code.

End Rant
Begin Artworks for the week.
I'll post 3 of the original ASCII drawings, 3 of the drawing collages, 1 animated GIF, and 1 glitch. These last two come from the video, which I won't post here (yet).

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