10,000 Jiggawatts

Some work of mine will be shown at the exhibition 10,000 Jiggawatts In Milwaukee. The show is developed by 62d which has been doing some great shows up there. From what I can tell it should be a really cool event and its going to be at two spaces in Milwaukee: Small Space & Jackpot Gallery. I'm excited for this show because it will include work of mine that hasn't been seen in Milwaukee (outside of the Internet). Actually, some of the work hasn't ever been shown outside of the Internet. The show is Friday, Sept. 24 from 6-10pm - I really wish I could get back for this one.... if you get there, let me know and send me pics!

And, as a teaser, here are some examples of my work that will be shown:

This stuff will be projected, so way different than here. It will be great to see the work larger so if you're in Milwaukee you should definitely check it out! The other artists in the show: Jeremy Kunz, Peter Puskas, Tim Stoelting, and Garrett Wiens-Kind

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