Multiple Screen Projection Reminder

Note To Self:
experiment more with projection again!!!!!
(*disclaimer: I usually don't post like this, sorry)

Just saw a really great article about UW Milwaukee's Arts+Tech night at Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. Its a fun event that I used to go to every semester while I was in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to take part in one. Its a great chance to see what people are up to in the program and its usually somewhere between gallery and demo.

At the end of the article linked above, I noticed an image of a multiple screen projection. This is what I spent my last year of grad school working on. So I kinda had something very similar in Milwaukee in 2008 but nobody really cared about it at all then... our show didn't get a mention anywhere in Milwaukee press.

I'll post the images below for comparison purposes only - its a really great concept and I want to do more with it sometime. I'd trace it back to documentation of Bill Viola's "The Veiling" - that's how I got interested in thin fabric screens. But I was also interested in making projection become physical planes of a sphere shape - go figure. I haven't met or talked to the artist in Milwaukee - Yoko Hattori, so I can't say what the work is about other than that it looks somewhat narrative. Regardless... high five on getting some positive attention up in there!!!

Yoko Hattori

my project "Grid:Current"

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