[]_____________make confession________________[]

When I was in graduate school, I participated in the illegal sharing of files through peer to peer networks. Mostly I did so off campus on my home network connection. Mostly I was after software. On a TA salary I couldn't legitimately purchase software/licenses for the tools I needed to learn. Occasionally I sought television programs and music.

Action was taken against me and my account was "toggled" - effectively disallowing me from university network connections. Since then, I haven't shared any files. My torrent software was never launched... that is, until yesterday morning.

Street Show: The Things Between Us went live this past Monday on a USB dead drop in NYC. I posted the info that day and hoped someday to see all of the work, since I only had access to the files I submitted to the show and had never put online.

In the wee hours of Tuesday, I saw that 0-DAY ART had posted a torrent of the entire Street Show. I quickly out aside my personal issues with file-sharing and dl'd the art show. I also seeded to the equivalent of (at last check) about 4 copies. I will continue to share this and any other NETART I come across during night time hours when nobody is using my home machine.

Pirate I am not, unless the booty is Internet Based Artworks.

[]_____________end confession________________[]

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