consolidated tweets - a narrative

A 1' magenta cube inside a 2' translucent cube floating 6" above a solid
 white plane with a fifty percent grey shadow & clockwise rotation.  The physical brick 
facade decayed and crumbled 
allowing the projection of a string of digital information. An unrecognized file format 
becomes the unknown - the unknowable: 
information in languages that can not be read, incomprehensible. It began in a petri dish, a 
culture of inorganic lifeforms - buffering.
 The rain washed away the surface material revealing living intelligence systems trapped 
just below - Apocalyptic futures as prophesied by Bots/Spiders/Agents.
Reality began to bleed into virtuality, or the other way around, it was difficult to find 
where the slipage began. The unnamed, the unnamable 
(uttered in dramatic book-on-tape-to-mp3).  
Within four frames, the city melted _ revealing an over-saturated phase shift of artifact
ridden data. A device to store and 
retrieve digital information housed within an artificial crown of an upper molar tooth.
A crumbling deterioration marked the era. Other characteristics included
 waves of iridescent structure collapse and streams of polarization. The rippling effect, which
 was barely visible, was what gave away that 
we no longer occupied our physical bodies. We were floating.Creeping suspicions regarding 
experience of time and the self was fostered by the simulation.
Preparation was endless despite the unknowable nature how the events would unfold.
 Within the momentary flash of nothingness between loading pages was a signal.
Slowly drifting towards a simplified representation of the hyper complex whole. Beneath 
the asphalt was crumbling concrete which covered a layer of 
brick that concealed a carbon cube which had no discernible origin. |_\__\____\________\|_\
\________\|_\__\____\________\|_\__\____\________\|_\__\____\________\ A cloud of 
particles contract into a semi-solid cube and then expand 
giving the impression of a breathing geometric solid. It was determined much later that 
the passing cloud carried a 
significant amount of corrupt data which was also biologically 
infectious. There was a small digital memory device hidden inside a flesh colored 
hard plastic figurine/toy that he kept in the change pocket of jeans. A file format that describes 
data to be displayed in 
open air and vibrating at the frequency of a low E guitar string ( open ). A process that is 
xtensive and includes redundant steps that often 
result failure causing the user to begin at the beginning multiple times.|_\__\____\________\|_\
The glowing screen and dynamic cont were not enough to keep him from forming into 
hallucinations of free data amid empty fields.  

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