revisiting gridfont5

a couple years ago I was experimenting with font development as a way of creating a special drawing based character set
the idea was that
with a font of this type, you could essentially transform any existing text into a drawing
i made about 6 in total 
experimented with them in layout design software - i have some examples here and there but lazy to find them right now
|       |        ||||||||\\\\\
|       |        |||||||| \\\\\
|       |        ||||||||  \\\\\
|       |        ||||||||   \\\\\
also could be applied to a webpage, but I stopped at that idea because the font would have to be 
dl'd in some way.... was reading a little about how they might be embedded.... etc etc etc
|        |
it just dawned on me to try applying the font in a user style sheet
now the goal will be to to develop more of these fonts, then create some sort of add-on for a browser or else 
just distribute them as a font package.... let me know if you are interested in helping out!


Jacob Broms Engblom said...

couldn't you just @font-face them or am i missing something here?

looks dope anyways!

a bill v2 said...

No - I'm missing something!!!!
yes, that would work and is way easier than some of the other solutions I've found.... will have some samples sometime in the near future!!!!!!!