summer 2012

Its almost the end of July and I have yet to make a 'proper' here in regards to what I've been up to. I guess that is what I'm about to do with this one... which will also likely be one of the first 'normal blog' posts I've actually made here... ever. lol

We traveled back to the Midwest for all of June. While we there, I had the pleasure of doing some live video performances, visits with friends, and general family hangouts. I lovingly called it a 'tour/family vacation'. Overall, the experience was amazing... I saw so many awesome old friends, family, new friends, hot weather, cities I haven't lived in for years etc etc etc. I didn't keep a tour diary (lol) but I'm going to consolidate some of the gridworks related stuff that I did with some links/dates.

June 8 - Enemy Sound Chicago - 'grdwrks_6000_p1'

This was my first official performance of my new audio/visual project. So glad to be there with other great artists in such a cool space. You can see more photos from the show here on my site. Also got a copy of video recorded of part of the performance... will post that soon(ish).

June 14 - Turf Club St. Paul - 'grdwrks_6000_p2'

My second show was at a rock club with bands. Thanks to Dylan (The Band Teenage Strangler), it was great to be back in the Twin Cities hanging out. I got to see a lot of old friends. In addition to the 'grdwrks_6000' piece, I developed a few live/interactive video sketches to share during the bands. One of my favorites was during Three Snake Leaves (Darren from Boy Dirt Car) - a noisy experimental trio. The video piece I used during their performances used live video input and broke it into two time-warped overlays... making for a weird video glitch that matched the sound very well I think. Its difficult to capture in a photograph (example on right). (More Photos)

July 8 - Frank's Power Plant Milwaukee

This was a last minute sort of thing, but also just as fun as anything else I've done. At Franks Power Plant in Milwaukee, we set up the same live/interactive video stuff at the end of the bar. Occasionally I changed the patches or switched them up and also did some live mixing. It was also 'Metal Monday' so there was sweet music and Iron Maiden played that night at Summerfest (which I didn't go to). Since it was pretty laid back I had a chance to get some GIFs of the video's while they were running.

Other Stuff

Caught up with the Overpass Light Brigade as they were working on some signs. I've started to make some GIFs for them. They get some really great documentation of their work and its fun to play around with. Its also nice to be able to experiment with their message(s) as I'm on the same wavelength.

Also have been continuing to create GIFs for Sheroes in Toronto. Its hard to believe the project is finishing - after an entire year. I've made a lot of GIFs for them and I really enjoy the work as well as all the cool stuff everyone else has been putting together for their parties. I'll still be updating with the Nina Simone work, but here is where my collection is from Sheroes.

I'm helping out and participating/co-hosting Open Web Studios with Kelani Nichole for Little Berlin Gallery in Philly. The next version is going to next Monday - July 30 - on the INTERNET.

Finally (for now), I started making more gridfont7 GIFs. All of them are on this page and I will continue to add more as I make them. If you don't remember, I released gridfont7 at the beginning of the year. Its a typeface made up of simple line drawings and is flexible in that it can create a wide range of gridforms and be used in any software once you've installed it. Super fun!


That does it for now. It's been a busy summer... and its not over yet. More to come, and I'll try to keep things up to date.

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