377_S2016_Assignment1 from a bill miller on Vimeo.Student Work...

377_S2016_Assignment1 from a bill miller on Vimeo.

Student Work Reel - Short Video Assignment 1 (reel)
Monologue Editing Assignment
Using text from our McLuhan readings, you will create a short video. The video will include footage shot of each class member reading excerpts and captured during Class 6. Using your developing skills in editing, you will create an edited version of the text that will incorporate each individual reading in some way. Consider how shots will be edited into one storyline. Consider the content of the reading in relation to how it is presented. Consider timing and pacing of sequence as a whole and the individual clips you choose to use. There is potential for creative and/or expressive approaches to editing. This assignment is meant as a way to practice multiple aspects of the production of a digital video from start to finish. Focus your attention on editing, more complex approaches like compositing will come up in later assignments and projects.

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