Erwin Redl, Sensory Overload Contemp. Exhibit at MAM

Erwin Redl gave a lecture at MAM last night.

This piece (although the image is from a different show) is up at the museum right now. I didn't get a chance to explore it fully because there were way to many people there for the opening of the show.

In addition to this piece, another favorite of mine from the MAM collection is on display. I'll add a pic of that one below...

I've liked Nam Jun Paik's work for quite awhile. This piece of his, among others, was influential for the video installation on monitors I had at MAM for the Present Music event a few weeks ago.

The show, Sensory Overload, opened last night. I took a quick run through becuase, like I said, there were too many people all over the place. Regardless, I'm excited and not excited about the show at the same time. It's really good to see light, video, interactive, etc on display at MAM, but it was nowhere near the type of OVErLoAD I am interested in. A good conversation got me thinking about how, even though some of the work is new and recent, it still is kind of old... but that's a whole conversation I don't want to start yet...

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