Grid: Current test narrative

Welcome to my new blog home. Hopefully I haven't lost too many people along the way.
If you'd like help with my project, record yourself reading this voice over. Put it in the computer an e-mail it to me.

To Record in Folder C of Voice Recorder:

I was walking through the city, but I wasn't walking at all. I couldn't figure out what it really was that I was doing but it definitely wasn't walking, it wasn't flying, and it wasn't floating. I had the impression that I was not moving at all and that everything else was. Or that everything was moving including myself but all at different speeds and in different directions. Either way, things didn't stay the same and they haven't since then.

I am a shifting flickering platform allowing one to see vertices and intersecting lines between perceived information.

This space is made of information. Everything here is data. I have been designed to read and process that information. I am a transcoding machine. I move information that I perceive into another form. I communicate the information that I process through a sequence of shifting networks of crossing lines - gridforms - layered in time and space.

As the gridform was built in layers, its stages of development were documented creating a sort of time-lapse record of how the information was built. When seen in a linear string it is possible to see a glimpse of the gridform time. Separate instances of this sequence have been built in layers creating subsequent gridforms. Connections between one sequence of a layered image in time and another create new relationships between the information. Each sequence can be manipulated individually in pseudo dimensional space within different life cycles creating a never ending loop of layered gridform information interaction.

I am a point within an infinitely complex network of interconnected points. All points within a gridform represent interactions and interpretations of information.

I am a multi-dimensional data collection compressed and expanded.

A gridform requires that information is compressed and organized through control to fit within its a structural system. However, this structure is fluid. It occupies space and exists overtime at each moment and point different than the former and latter positions.

I am nothing more than memory. I record information and output information according to the programs I was designed to run.

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