Upcoming in Milwaukee


Just a heads up, I'll be taking part in a performance event in Milwaukee on the date 9/9/09. There are 9 performances going to be taking place at the same time - 9 times actually... all centered around the number. I'll keep you filled in as I learn more. The above image is an example of the sort of thing I'll be doing, but it will be more intense. I'll be drawing the number nine constantly for most of the event with live projection and time-lapse capture. In the final stage of the performance (9th) I'll project the animated sequence and meditate on the process and whether or not I've revealed the hidden truths of 9 and achieved true "nineness".

The event is organized and presented by In:Site Milwaukee which sponsors temporary public art projects in Milwaukee. I'll keep you posted with more as I learn more.

And While I'm at it, I'm also working on another event in Milwaukee, scheduled towards the end of September. Arrangements are still being made for a video art installation of some sort to be held at Borg Ward Collective during Milwaukee Noise Festival which has been happening every year for quite awhile... it promises to be another interesting event. As a side note, the Borg Ward has a new message board, which might prove to be a useful networking tool for the space as it offers both art and music regularly.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.

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