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On Friday, Feb. 4 in Indianapolis - TPS Reports: Performance Art Documents will open from 6-10pm at the Spacecamp Microgallery. Included in the show will be some of the drawings I did as part of my 9/9/09 performance. They are china maker on black stonehenge. Here's a quick video of the performance - but they'll be showing the drawings, which I have to admit, I really love because they look really cool.

On Wednesday, Feb 9 in New York City - New Media Caucus at CAA will be having a night of short artist presentations. I'll be one of I think 18 artists from the New Media Caucus and my presentation will be an overview of the work I post here and some other directions it takes. Its at * SVA MFA Computer Art Department – 133-141 West 21st Street from 6-8pm

I won't be able to make the Indianapolis show, but I will be in NYC for CAA. If you're going to be around, let me know and hopefully we can catch up!

Getting Closer is reviewed in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and curator Lindsay Howard has posted a set of photos from the show that are 1million times better than my phone pics!

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jules said...

Love the 9... always will :) what's happening on 11/11/11?!?!?!